Popular Weights of Stock
Paper is available in varying thicknesses. The "thickness" of the paper is referred to as its weight. There are two catagories for paper weight; Cover and Text. Cover Weight is a heavier weight paper that is traditionally used for the "cover" of a booklet, while Text Weight is a lighter weight paper traditionally used for the inner "text" pages of a booklet. Listed below are the varying weights of paper with examples of their use.
Text Weights
Common for flyers, folded brochures, letterhead, etc.
  • 20# Bond
  • Photocopier paper
  • 60# Offset
  • This is a widley used paper that is a step up from photocopier paper.
  • 24# Writing
  • Typically used for letterhead because it has a watermark.
  • 70# Text
  • Another common choice for letterhead.
  • 80# Text
  • A popular choice for brochures.
  • 100# Text
  • A popular choice for posters.
    Cover Weights
    Common for postcards, note cards, invitations, rack cards, posters, business cards, etc.
  • 65# Cover
  • Popular for a more durable brochure or flyer.
  • 80# Cover
  • Most common choice for business cards.
  • 100# Cover
  • Popular choice for postcards.
  • 110# Cover
  • This is a good weight for oversized, flat mailers like postcards and invitations.
  • 120# Cover
  • A good weight for a folder or book cover.
  • 130# Cover
  • Another heavier option.
    Envelope Weights
    Visit our Envelope Sizes Page to see the popular envelope styles and sizes.
  • 24#
  • Some envelopes of this weight contain a watermark.
  • 60#
  • Standard envelope weight. This is equivalent to the 24#.
  • 70#
  • Most commonly used for stationery.
  • 80#
  • Another option for cards or announcements offering a little more heft.